“For as long as I can remember, art, in any form, has always held a special place in my heart. Whether it’s the sound of music livening a party or comforting a hurting soul, paintings or pictures telling an enchanting story without a single word, or the big screen magic of a super-hero saving the world once again; it never gets old. It is in these moments that we are all connected and brought together simply as people all feeling the effects of the artists’ spell.”

JASE, a violinist and trumpeter from an early age, was born as Jason Gallitz on October 27th, 1995 in Milwaukee, WI. Jason has been making beats since 2015, when he decided to attend Madison Media Institute in Madison, WI in pursuit of his A.A.S. in Music recording Technology. It was during this same period when he began self-learning how to play both guitar and piano, adding to his musical toolbelt. Over the years, JASE has become a multi-dimensional powerhouse crafting masterpieces in several different genres across the board. He has produced numerous records for Mr.Lloyd and is quickly on his way to becoming a super producer.