Rob Berrones

Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, Rob has always loved making music. “When I was 7, my school had a music demonstration where they played several different instruments. I heard the saxophone and fell in love.” He started playing saxophone at 10, and it was a huge part of his formative years. He started experimenting with improvisation, and honed his skills through high school.

In college, his path led him to other performing arts, and he took a break from creating music. His love of music never died, and he continued to discover more genres and styles, dipped his toes in international music, and had a chance encounter with a Milwaukee music mainstay, Andrew Spadafora, that reignited his passion for creating.

“It was destiny.” he said. “I walked in to Caroline’s Jazz Club right after they finished an open blues jam. Andy was at the bar, and we started chatting. He offered to bring one of his other horns next blues jam if I wanted to give playing a go again. The rest is history, I got back into playing, and eventually bought that horn he lent me.”

In 2015, he moved to Long Beach, CA. He bought his first electric guitar, and started to record his playing with a VOX headphone amp. He began composing beats and refining his sound. That is where he met Mr. Lloyd. Rob’s training and focus on sounds brings an added depth to MFE Entertainment.